Why Mobile?

91% of mobile users have their devices with them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week - It is also very easy for users to quickly click on whatever catches their eye. Mobile coupon codes for example have a 10% higher redemption rate than any other coupon types while 90% of mobile users take some sort of action on marketing opportunities. Impressively, 70% of those take action within the first hour.


If thats not enough to convince you, just look at some recent mobile statistics here in Australia

  1. 89% (19 million) of Australians own a smartphone
  2. 70% of Australians go online with a mobile phone
  3. 92% of Australians aged 18-34 go online with a mobile
  4. 51% of Australians are happy to receive offers on their mobile device from brands they like
  5. 58% of Australians have made a purchase on a smartphone
  6. 44% use their smartphone to buy things online once a month or more
  7. 34% of Australians would like to use their phone as a credit card
  8. 61% of Australians would choose their mobile over their TV
  9. 9 million Aussies access Facebook everyday with a mobile device
  10. Spend on Mobile Advertising in Australia is now greater than both Magazine and Outdoor marketing


"Mobile First" is a must, not a maybe!


Australians buy on phones every 15 seconds

Australia is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world - online retailing giant eBay reports that an item is purchased on average every 15 seconds in Australia through its mobile app - and that’s just one of many online retailers in the Australian ecommerce space!


There's a huge opportunity for your business right now

It is estimated that 79% of Australian websites currently do not have a mobile-friendly version, and this isn’t just small business! And, recent research by MYOB found fewer than 40% of all SMEs in this country have a business website - but, that is growing everyday.


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