The Lead Generator

The Lead Generator

Attract new customers with the Lead Generator package - sign up members to your mobile VIP list, or pick up new leads at events. Promote your SMS Keyword to collect their mobile number, and direct to them onto your mobile brochure page hosting a custom form for lead qualification.


The process is simple;

  1. Customer sends SMS with keyword to the advertised number.
  2. The auto-response system, sends an SMS with information and linked to Mobile Brochure back to customer.
  3. The Customers Mobile number and keyword information is sent by Email to the Merchant.


  • The Customer has all the information requested at their finger tips
  • The Merchant has the customers mobile number to add to their mobile list for further SMS alerts and voice messaging

Lead Generator Package
Period: 90 Days
Cost: $97.00

Package Includes:
6 Photo Mobile Brochure
(Valued at $197)
(Valued at $45)
SMS Keyword
(Valued at $90)
Shared Long Number
Leads Forwarded to EMAIL
Up to 1000 inbound SMS enquiry*

*Responds to Australian Mobile Numbers Only