Gwen Ford

Gwen Ford

Principal, Health & Harmony Colleges

Heath and Harmony had accumulated thousands of mobile numbers from online enquires through to past students which we needed to clean up, and at the same time see if there was interest for further education.

Mike Hillsdon set us up with a SMS Marketing System and converted all the contact data and mapped out a 3 month mobile marketing strategy to accomplish our end goals of cleaning the database up and service our existing client database.

Mike used a combination of SMS Marketing and mobile website/mobile landing pages as part of the strategies.

“We were not expecting an instant result but as it turned out, the strategy started paying for itself after the first campaign.” Gwen Ford, Principal, Health & Harmony Colleges.

Over the of 3 month period, Health and Harmony was able to achieve the result they initially set out to achieve, and were also able to convert many of the existing database across into new courses which meant that the cost of our mobile marketing strategy paid for itself 10 times. Mike also trained the staff who are now able to manage their SMS marketing on their own.