Mark Sorby

Mark Sorby

CEO, Landscape Queensland

As a member based organisation, to communicate and keep in touch personally with our members, Landscape Queensland would spend a matter of days on the phone – we needed a more efficient, cost effective way to alert our members about upcoming events and legislative announcements.

We met up with Mike Hillsdon who advised us to get our own SMS Marketing System in our office which he would manage remotely and put together a mobile marketing strategy.

Just with alerts and notifications, this has saved us days each month with how we were previously managing these tasks.

Mike also designed and created mobile landing pages for each of our member events that were attached with each of our campaigns that gave our members further information – the mobile landing pages included maps, call to actions such as click to call and click to email, as well as online forms.

Seeing our main website is not mobile friendly, and our members are in the field with their mobile phone and not their computers, we needed something that was quick and informative and much easier to load and navigate.

This made it not only time saving for our members, but a massive time saver for Landscape Queensland however, the mobile marketing strategy also makes us look very professional.