The Business Promoter

The Business Promoter

You can make your business “always available” and stand out amoungst your competitors with a Google friendly mobile landing page showcasing your products & services with call to action points & Map for your customers to connect. Include Mobile Coupons in your SMS Keyword, and that will also increase your business.


The process is simple;

  1. Customer sends an SMS with Keyword to the auto-responsive number.
  2. The System sends an SMS as a Coupon with serial number back to customer.
  3. The Customer's Mobile number, serial number and Coupon Code information is sent to the Merchant as an email.

Try It - Txt CAFE to 0491 150 811


  • The SMS also contains a link to a landing page where product images are showcased, any terms & conditions for the coupon, along with click to call, click to email, map for location and a feedback form.
  • The Customer's comes to your business and redeems the coupon by showing the SMS
  • The Merchant now has a new customer as well as the mobile number to add to their mobile marketing list for further SMS alerts and voice messaging

Business Promoter Package
Period: 90 Days
Cost: $94.00

Package Includes:
6 Photo Mobile Brochure
(Valued at $197)
(Valued at $45)
Mobile Coupon Keyword&
(Valued at $90)
Shared Long Number
Leads Forwarded to EMAIL
Up to 1000 Mobile Coupons*

*Responds to Australian Mobile Numbers Only