Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons

Are you looking for that simple solution that gets you new business or helps you shift those slow selling products, but you don’t have to give away a great percentage of the offer to another 3rd party?


Imagine having a 24/7 sales & marketing system that responds automatically to inbound SMS and builds a mobile list of hot prospects as well as generates more sales at the same time!



Mobile Coupons - they look like;

To get your 2 for 1 coffee offer

"Text CAFE to 0491 150 811"


Then your customer gets an SMS with a response like;

“CAFE101: Show this coupon at the counter to redeem your 2 for 1 regular coffee deal at Cafe 101. Click for directions and more info Date Claimed 05/01/2016. Coupon Code CD123456. Valid to 31/01/20XX."


Once the Mobile Coupon has been claimed, you also receive an email with their mobile number, their unique coupon number and the date the coupon was claimed.



YOU BET THEY DO - Mobile Coupons work 10x better than traditional coupons.

130% of the Australian population have a mobile phone and 97% of them will read an SMS within 15 minutes of receiving it!


That's why the big guys are using Mobile Coupon Marketing.


NOW, with our Mobile Marketing System

EVERYONE can afford do it.


And ANYONE can have one!


Adding Mobile Coupons to your marketing mix generates leads and more revenues for your business!


Top 6 Mobile Coupon Objectives:

  1. Drive traffic to your business to sell products/services
  2. Drive brand awareness
  3. Gain customer loyalty
  4. Drive traffic to your mobile friendly website
  5. Generate New Leads
  6. Build up a mobile customer database to remarket too.

And would you believe, enabling an Mobile Coupon campaign means NO DOWNLOADS and NO TRAINING, because your target market already know how to send and receive an SMS.



keeps it simple!