MMS Flyers

MMS Flyers

MMS became available in Australia in August 2003 (13 years ago).


In 2013, Telstra customers send about 1 million photos and videos on MMS on an average day and 1.5 million on Friday.


Today, most (if not all) mobile phones in Australia support MMS - only requirement is, it requires data to receive it (most Australian mobile plans now provide data). We keep our messages to under 300kbs.


MMS messages are viewed by 100%, so your message gets read, and are easily forwarded onto 3rd parties who may also be interested - an agent confirmed that 1 buyer forwarded onto 4 others!


Now, we can design and broadcast brochure-like messages using MMS as the delivery - we only limit the number characters to 1200 (that's the same as sending 8 SMS messages), and images to 6.


Our MMS Flyers are the digital replacement to paper brochures.


It also means that your mobile number list of customers is now the most important asset your business can have - without customer communication to the one device every customer has with them most of the time, you are dead in the water! 


Some simple uses for our MMS Flyers are as follows;

  • Just Listed and Auction Alerts
  • Party or Event invitations (combine it with an RSVP form - call for more details)
  • New product launches
  • Product Promotions
  • Brand Profile
  • Just anything you would print!

Our process is simple - you send/upload 

  1. The subject header
  2. 6 images converted into a 10 second animated movie scene
  3. Up to 1,200 characters of text 

Your text can also include;

  • Links to mobile friendly web/lead pages
  • Phone numbers becomes clickable to call
  • Addresses become clickable to get directions

And within our $50 package we also include broadcasting your MMS to up to 50 mobile numbers (Australian Mobiles Only) - if you need to send to more than 50 mobile numbers, please contact us above to an indication on price.


Other services that we offer that go with an MMS Campaign are;

  • Mobile Website or Mobile Commerce Page
  • Form/Lead pages with SMS or Email notification
  • Auto-Responsive Keywords - the ultimate mobile list builder
  • Bulk SMS Solutions 

And would you believe, an MMS Flyer means NO DOWNLOADS and NO TRAINING, because your target market already knows how to read a message that hits their inbox!


Keeping Mobile Marketing Simple!